• Quality Materials – Treatonic Foot File Kit Made with top quality materials for durable and reliable performance.
  • Versatile – The Treatonic 7pcs Foot File Set comes with all you need for your foot care – callus shaver, cuticle remover, coarse file, fine file, sandpaper file, nail file, and silicone sheet.
  • Hygienic – Washable and hygienic for your whole family.
  • Soft, Smooth Feet – Achieve soft and smooth skin in no time, by removing corn, callus, dead skin, and thick nails.
  • Cost-efficient – No more need to go to a salon for the basic foot care you can do at home. These Treatonic tools will give you the cost-efficient management of your feet.

✅Numbing Effect Lasts Up to 6 Hours: Our tattoo numbing cream before tattoo is specially formulated to provide up to 6 hours of pain relief, itching, soreness, and burning while reducing tattoo swelling. With our cream, you can complete your tattoo session in one step, without the need to pause or slow down. it is numbing cream for tattoos extra strength.
✅Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream: Our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream helps to desensitize the skin, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed tattooing experience without pain. Picture yourself at ease during your tattoo session and walk into your appointments with confidence! tattoo numbing cream extra strength, painless tattoo numbing cream.
✅Effective Healing Properties: Enriched with powerful ingredients like Arnica and Emu Oil, our tattoo numbing cream extra strength accelerates the healing process. The cream penetrates the skin, soothing, moisturizing, and promoting skin healing, resulting in less scabbing and a more vibrant, beautiful tattoo. Our numbing cream for tattoos extra strength is best tattoo numbing cream!
✅Multipurpose for All Your Needs: Our painless tattoo numbing cream caters to various cosmetic procedures, including tattooing, piercing, micro-blading, micro-needling, Botox, laser hair removal, and waxing. Embrace the benefits of our cream for all your beauty needs. Our numbing cream for piercing is painless tattoo numbing cream.
✅Safe for All Skin Types: Our tattoo numbing cream before tattoo is easy to apply, non-greasy, and leaves no residue. It’s vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and free from harsh chemicals. And It is recommended to choose a small area of skin for patch testing before use to prevent discomfort. Our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream is numbing cream for tattoos extra strength

  • Eliminates Nail Fungus Fast – Our anti-fungal nail repair pen eliminates fungus within weeks of application and works well on both toenails and fingernails. This package comes with two pens.
  • Ultimate Repair & Protection – This anti-fungal solution gets rid of discoloration, restores cracked and brittle nails back to health, and prevents future infection.
  • Natural & Safe – Our natural anti-fungal pen formula is gentle on the nails and skin while powerful in eliminating nail fungus. There is no discomfort or pain.
  • Easy Application – The pen is very easy to use with a brush applicator that helps apply the clear liquid onto the affected areas. The solution dries rapidly leaving no mess.
  • High-quality with the trusted nail repair pen.

✅HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WART REMOVER : our wart remover freeze off is the powerful remedy to remove common warts, plantar warts and genital wart, corns, and papillomas. If you are battling warts, use our wart removal to remove warts at home. NDC:82739-002-01
✅BOTANICAL, SAFE & PAINLESS : Our plantar wart remover for feet is based only on Botanical ingredients which provide gentle and harmless wart treatment without any irritation. Our wart remover is designed to rapidly eliminate wart and remove it for good, giving you healthy and beautiful skin. No stinging, No burning, No freezing. It is Genital Wart Remover for Men Fast.
✅QUICK and PROVEN RESULTS: Treatonic Wart Remover is a slightly viscous gel that clings to the wart while absorbing into the surrounding tissue to start working right away. Our professional-quality wart remover fully eliminates most warts within 2 weeks of regular application.
✅EASY to USE: Apply the wart remover to the wart 3 times a day using directly a brush and allow it to be completely absorbed into the skin. Wart remover provides excellent results by achieving desired results and perfect skin in a short period of time.